Tiens Zinc Capsules 60-CAP

خون میں شوگر کی سطح کو کم کریں۔
ذیابیطس کے لیے ایک ضمیمہ۔
گردے کو مضبوط کرتا ہے اور جگر کے خلیوں کو متحرک کرتا ہے۔
خون کی نالیوں کی برداشت کو مضبوط کریں۔
پروٹین کی افزائش کی رفتار میں اضافہ کریں۔
بہت چھوٹی خون کی نالیوں کی نرمی اور گھسنے والی طاقت کو فروغ دیں۔
کم خون کی viscosity، خون کی گردش کو بہتر بنانے کے.
اینٹی آکسیڈینٹ، اینٹی ایجنگ، اور فری ریڈیکلز کو دور کرنے کے لیے۔
جسم کی قوت مدافعت کو فروغ دیں۔
ٹیومر/کینسر سے بچاؤ۔
گرے بالوں کو روکیں۔
جسم کے کم کثافت لیپو پروٹین (LDL) کو کم کریں۔
صحت کے لیے جڑی بوٹیوں کی مدد فراہم کرتا ہے۔
آپ کو تناؤ اور تھکاوٹ سے بچاتا ہے۔
کم آکسیجن ماحول میں آکسیجن کی مقدار کو بہتر بناتا ہے۔
اچھی بینائی میں مدد کرتا ہے۔
خون صاف کرنے والے کے طور پر کام کرتا ہے۔
جھریوں کی روک تھام میں مدد کرتا ہے۔
میٹابولزم کو چالو کرتا ہے، چربی کو جمع ہونے سے روکتا ہے اور جسم سے زہریلے مادے کو خارج کرتا ہے۔


Zinc is one the micro-elements essential for the proper function of the body. It is required for the activity of over 200 different enzymes including those involved in protein, DNA and RNA synthesis. It is also responsible for correct division of cells. For this reason, it is particularly important for the development of the foetus (it may prevent defects of the neural tube, for instance). An important role of zinc is as well the maintenance of correct levels of vitamin A in blood plasma, which is crucial for healthy eyesight.

This trace element ensures a proper function of the skin and mucous membranes, hence it play a key role in keeping a healthy appearance. An easy to identify signal of its deficiency sent by our body can be skin imperfections or nails and hair that lose shine and become brittle. Zinc is essential for many hormones, for example the growth hormone or gonadotrophins – hormones responsible for healthy genital development (particularly in boys).

Zinc is necessary for the function of the pancreas and the thyroid. It plays a role in insulin storage and the transformation of thyroxine (T4) into triiodothyronine (T3). And thyroxine – the thyroid hormone – determines metabolic rate.

Zinc is supplied to the body mainly in the diet. The largest amounts of this element can be found in calf, pork and chicken liver, seafood (e.g. oysters, crabs), legumes, wholegrain bread, pumpkin seeds, nuts, eggs, rennet cheeses, meat (especially red) and groats. Individuals at risk of zinc deficiencies are ones on a low-calorie diet, vegetarians, people consuming a lot of sweets, pregnant women, elderly and children.

In the case of zinc deficiency, apart from a well-balanced diet, supplementation may prove helpful. Tiens Zinc preparation helps maintain proper zinc levels in the body.


The preparation contains zinc in the form of zinc lactate, which is easily assimilated by the body. Additionally, glucose and chicken egg protein powder, exhibiting the highest biological value – considered superior compared to other types of protein as it contains large amounts of essential amino acids, that is ones that need to be supplied with food.


  • Improve the condition of hair and nails, and promote their growth,
  • Have beneficial effects on the appearance of skin (help fight acne, excess sebum production, speed up wound healing, contribute to protecting the cells from oxidative stress that accelerated ageing),
  • Support the body’s natural defence mechanisms,
  • Have a favourable effect on eyesight,
  • Support the function of the spleen,
  • Exhibit positive action on the sense of taste and improve appetite,
  • May contribute to memory and perception improvement,
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zinc improve libido. In men, they also contribute to a better function of the prostate gland and increased production of testosterone. Play an important role in semen production and maintaining sperm viability.

Who Zinc Capsules is suitable for?

  • Adults and children who have impaired sense of taste and smell.
  • Adults who are consuming excessive amounts of coffee, tannins found in tea, high fiber, vegetarian diets or alcohol.
  • Adults who are suffering stress disorders.
  • Adults with poor immune or reproductive health.
  • Men who want to maintain a healthy prostate and healthy sexual function.
  • Adults with a family history of age-realated

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