Tiens Energy Bracelet Black For Men

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The Tiens Ti-energy bracelet with embodied titanium and combined with magnet therapy is useful in treating unbalancing positive and negative ions in the human body. It can effectively relieve physical aches and pains, reduce blood viscosity and acidity, and promote blood circulation and effectively resist environmental radiation.


The TIENS Ti-Energy bracelets with embodied titanium and combined with magnets are unique in balancing magnetic field as well as balancing positive and negative ions in the human body. They can very effectively relieve physical discomforts, promote blood circulation and effectively resist environmental radiation.


Titanium,also known as “pure titanium”, has super strength, high chemical stability andexcellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that has no adverse effect onthe human autonomic system and taste system and definitely does not cause anyallergy. At a room temperature, titanium generates a layer of thin, denseprotective oxide film on its surface that can resist strong acid corrosion. Itremains intact when put into an acid, alkali or salt solution while this willbe a disaster for ordinary metals.


Inaddition, medical studies have shown that titanium has the ability to regulatethe body’s currents through cell ionization, making it the natural killer forelectromagnetic radiation. At the same time, adjustment of the body currentimproves blood circulation, and the increased blood flow in turn helpseliminate fatigue factors and the agents in the blood generated by pain, whichis beneficial to both physical and mental health.


Health effects of titanium

(1) Relieve the sore parts of the body, elevatemuscle stiffness, and dispel fatigue;

(2) Help the body to organize disorderlycurrent, relax the mind and relieve muscle tension;

(3) Chemically stable, skin-friendly, unlikelyto cause metal allergy.

Magnet— Balance

The Earth itself is a giant magnet. Humanbeings are under the effects of geomagnetic field all the time. Just like air,water and sunshine, geomagnetism is one of the indispensable elements that thehuman life depends on. Under the impact of geomagnetic field, the human bodyhas a magnetic field of its own. 


Tests show that the heart, lungs, brain,muscle and nerves in the human body all have micro-magnetic fields of certaindegrees. However, changes in the global environment, fast pace of life and highmental stress have inevitably led to disorders in some people’s magnetic fields.Researchers have found that the complementary magnetic physical therapy canprevent disease and improve health


Health effects of magnet

Tiens Ti-energy bracelet contains a highlyefficient magnet with natural energy, whose magnetic field can regulate andbalance negative and positive ions in the human body, and thus achieve multipleeffects such as increased blood flow, higher blood oxygen and enhancedimmunity.


NegativeIon Stone – Longevity element

The negative ion is a negatively chargedgaseous ion in the air. Because of its great importance for the human body andother organisms, it is called “vitamin in the air”. It is even associated withlongevity and given the name “element of longevity”. 


Good metabolism is animportant indication that the human body is functioning in a young state.Negative oxygen ions can help the full absorption of nutrients and the completeremoval of waste, thus purifying the blood, increasing the efficiency ofmetabolism and infusing more vitality into life. In addition, negative oxygenions provide the brain tissues with sufficient oxygen, thereby improving sleepquality and making people more energetic.


Anion——Vitamin in the air

Anion has played a key role in supporting andmaintaining the life movement of human being and other creatures throughfacilitating the compounding of body components, storing the vitamins,enforcing and activating the physiological function of human body.


Therefore, it is easy to come to a conclusionthat the density degree of anion in the air means so much to people’s health.


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